It’s not greenwashing: all natural pest control really does less harm 

Ever since marketing companies caught wind that consumers are on the lookout for natural, organic, or eco-friendly products, it can be hard to sift through all the greenwashing for the truth. But we have good news. All natural pest control from Kinder Spray is effective and it really does less harm than synthetic pesticides. It’s the real deal. If you want to know more, keep reading!

At Kinder Spray we really believe that it’s important to consider our chemical footprint and protect the environment for future generations, and using all natural pest control services is one way to do less harm. We effectively get rid of unwanted pests simply, using simple ingredients. 

Want to know more about our indoor and outdoor pest control? 

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What to expect on a visit

First, get in touch with our friendly team for a free consultation. We will come to you at your convenience. We won’t take up too much of your time, just walk through to survey your property and help you determine the best approach to prevent pests or take care of an existing insect problem.

Then, you choose from our treatment packages. Typically, we routinely treat your outdoor property with a natural spray every 3 weeks throughout the spring, summer and fall for complete warm-season protection.  Our visits are short, averaging just 15-20 minutes. We will spray our all natural pest control solution on your lawn with a backpack blower or skid sprayer. Then, the solution should be given at least 30 minutes to settle. It’s totally safe for people, pets and the environment, and it’s effective even in the rain.

What’s in our all natural pest control

We treat insect hot spots with cedar oil spray, and place BTI briquets were mosquitoes, ticks and other unwanted insects like to breed and feed. So how does our all natural pest control work? 

Cedar oil spray –  Truly the best earth-friendly method for getting rid of ticks and mosquitoes, cedar oil causes insect exoskeletons to dehydrate, impairs hormone receptors, destroys eggs and larvae, and repels new insects from entering the treated area. Sprayed regularly, cedar oil will eliminate current populations and prevent new ones from invading your lawns and gardens and disrupting your outdoor enjoyment.

BTI briquets – Placed in still or slow moving water around your property, these all natural briquets slowly dissolve, releasing a natural bacteria that is deadly to mosquitoes but safe for other aquatic life and won’t harm water quality.

We will target the spots insects love to hide and breed: gardens, rain barrels, bird baths, depressions in the lawn, holes in trees and other static water sources such as small ponds, vernal pools, streams, unused swimming pools, rain barrels, and water troughs.

Granular application – Used around your entire lawn or the perimeter of your property, this treatment uses essential oils to eliminate and repel crawling insects, including ants, mites, centipedes, chiggers, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, leafhoppers, millipedes, pillbugs, and more.

Unlike like harmful synthetic chemicals used by many pest management companies, Kinder Spray’s all natural pest control has no negative effect on butterflies, honeybees, ladybugs, aquatic life, people or pets!

At Kinder Spray, we really believe in doing less harm. We welcome your call at (781) 724-2448. Or get in touch with us online.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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