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Natural Pest Control for Ticks, Mosquitoes and More

Kinder Spray is a family owned and operated business serving Norfolk County, Bristol County, and Middlesex County, MA. We provide the most effective eco friendly pest control for ticks, mosquitoes and other problem insects. At Kinder Spray, we are committed to the health and safety of people and the planet. That’s why we use all natural pest control materials and an integrated approach to pest management. Sign up for a natural pest control treatment for your residence, business, or municipal property. For pest control for ticks and mosquitoes, choose from our Spray Packages to get your lawn treated with child and pet safe products. We also offer Home Pest Control, Natural Lawn CareWinter Services, and more. Learn all about our services below.

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Our Spray Packages

Pest Control For Ticks
And Mosquitoes

Enjoy your outdoor spaces to the fullest with our all natural Spray Package pest control for ticks and mosquitoes. Our signature combination of all natural, eco friendly Cedar Oil and IC-3 (Essential Oil) Sprays, plus natural treatments for standing water, work to kill existing ticks and mosquitoes, destroy their eggs and larvae, and prevent new ticks and mosquitoes from entering your property. And these products are safe for people, pets, and the environment. Choose from our Three Season, Summer, and Special Event treatment packages.

Three Season Spray

Treatments: 12
Duration: 8 months – April-November
Frequency: Every 3 Weeks

Summer Spray

Treatments: 6
Duration: 5 Months – May-September
Frequency: Every 3 Weeks

Event Sprays

Let us take care of pest control for ticks and mosquitoes for your celebration or corporate event, so you can focus on hosting.

Initial Cleanups:

Optimize Your Natural
Spray Package

For the best natural pest control for ticks, mosquitoes, and more problem pests, consider our Initial Cleanup services in combination with a Spray Package, or on their own. When we perform Initial Cleanups, we target insect breeding sites to stop your pest problem at its roots. Whether ticks, mosquitoes, or both are your greatest concern, our Initial Cleanups combined with a Spray Package are the optimal integrated approach.

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Yard Cleanup

When: Spring and/or Fall

What: We clear leaf litter, brush piles and tall weeds, organize wood piles and compost areas, and target other favorite tick and crawling insect habitats.

Why: We reduce insect breeding sites, and tidy up your property in the process.

Gutter and Standing Water Cleanup

When: Spring and/or Fall

What: We remove debris and standing water from your gutters and downspouts, on flat roofs and around other structures on your property.

Why: Debris-filled gutters and obstructed downspouts are among the most overlooked breeding sites for mosquitoes. We recommend this service to reduce mosquito breeding sites and help prevent ice dams from forming in winter.

indoor bug spray

Home Pest Control:

The Best Protection For You And Your Loved Ones

Protect your home from pests, and protect yourself and your family from the harmful insecticides used in conventional pest control, with Kinder Spray’s natural Home Pest Control solutions.

Indoor Pest Control

We use natural products to control unwanted indoor pests, including ants, spiders, earwigs, and beetles.
3 months of coverage per treatment. Excludes termites.

Foundation Treatment

We treat your foundation, landscape beds, and hard-to-reach cracks with all natural products to keep unwanted pests out of your home. For existing pest problems, and as a wise preventive measure. Monthly and quarterly applications available. Excludes termites.

Natural Lawn Care:

For A Healthy, Pest-Free Lawn

Do you want support cultivating a lush, healthy lawn, without resorting to toxic synthetic chemicals to achieve it? At Kinder Spray, we specialize in natural lawn care services and insect control. We use products that are safe, effective, and eco-friendly. We know it is possible to enjoy a greener lawn, and at the same time contribute to a greener planet!

Natural Lawn Fertilizer

Treating the soil, not the plant, is beneficial to achieving a deep green lawn. We use an all natural lawn fertilizer that is safe for kids and pets.

Aeration and Overseeding

Lawn aeration and overseeding are two natural methods to thicken and improve the health of your lawn.
When: Spring and/or Fall

Granular Treatments

For various unwanted crawling insects, our natural granular treatment is applied to the landscape beds, lawn and wood line. A “dry” alternative to our popular spray treatments.
Treatments: 6
Duration: 8 Months – April-November
Frequency: Every 6 Weeks


Eco-Friendly Winter Services

We offer full service Residential and Commercial winter snow plowing and pet safe, eco-friendly ice melt in the Norfolk County area.

Shoveling walkways or around vehicles

Snow removal from roof lines to prevent ice dams

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