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Non Toxic Pest Control serving the Franklin MA area

Kinder Spray’s Organic Pest Control is made from all natural cedar oil.  Cedar oil acts as a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the mental capacity of ticks, and also causes the exoskeletons of insects to dehydrate. Once the tick or mosquito comes into contact with the active ingredient, the process can take minutes to a few hours, resulting in a tick and mosquito free property!

Our product will be effective even when it rains, because of the natural soap ingredient.

What Our Customers Say

Kinder Spray has been trusted by clients to deliver a services that is worth writing about since 2015,
but don't take our word for it read what our happy customers have to say:

safe for pets

Unlike harmful chemicals, Kinder Spray’s non-toxic pest control has no negative effect on butterflies, honeybees, ladybugs, aquatic life, people or pets!

All natural Bti briquettes are placed in static or slow moving water, such as small ponds, vernal pools, streams, unused swimming pools, rain barrels and water troughs, which will greatly reduce mosquito populations on your property before they are even able to fly.

If you would like strong protection around heavily wooded areas, a heavily infested neighboring property, or recreational areas, granular application around your entire lawn or perimeter-only applications are available. Eugenol (clove oil), thyme, corn cob and wintergreen essential oils are applied every 4-6 weeks to eliminate and repel crawling insects, including ants, mites, centipedes, chiggers, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, leafhoppers, millipedes, pillbugs, and more, from entering your property.

What To Expect On A Visit

We will set up a free consultation, at your convenience, to survey your property and help determine the best approach to take care of your mosquito, tick, and indoor insect problem.

We will routinely treat your outdoor property with a natural spray every 3 weeks, up to 12 treatments throughout the spring, summer and fall for complete “warm” weather protection.  Natural spray will be misted on your lawn with by backpack blower or skid sprayer.

Review Kinder SprayNice short visits will average 15-20 minutes. We don’t like to overstay our welcome.

Review Kinder SprayThe solution should be given at least 30 minutes to settle before re-entering your yard.

Review Kinder SprayA mosquito, tick, and insect free home.


We truly love this product and have seen results that a natural organic product is just as effective as any chemical based product. If you are not satisfied with the results, we are happy to provide an additional spray of the original area for those customers signed up a spray package. As small family owned and operated company we value the one on one relationships we develop with our clients. If for any reason you wish to discontinue the service you may do so at anytime and we will issue a refund for any sprays not yet completed. Being local in Norfolk County, your yard is as important to us as our own!

So go ahead and fire up the grill and enjoy your yard mosquito, tick, and insect free – naturally!


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