Our story for Kinder Spray began early in life with a close connection to nature. Exploring the nearby woods, climbing the trees in our yard, collecting crickets in the neighbor’s high uncut grass; these memories are the essence of rich childhood experiences that we would like to pass down to the next generation. We had a certain expectation of safety in our environment and harmful insects and pesticides were far from our minds. Mosquito, tick and flea bites can carry serious diseases, and the pesticides that can help reduce them are just as harmful. That is why it our driving mission is to help protect people and pets from these pesky and dangerous bugs without poisoning ourselves, our loved ones or the landscape using natural and organic products for insect pest management. Let’s ensure rich childhoods filled with fond memories and a deep connection to nature for generations to come.


What you buy matters. After all, the products you use every day help to drive industry standards! Kinder Spray wants to raise awareness of the effectiveness of natural products that don’t use chemicals, helping to change a harmful industry to one that is a little kinder. And that is why our beliefs are simple: it is the small everyday choices that make the biggest difference. Let us help you make the world a little greener by choosing Kinder Spray’s natural and organic products for insect pest management.



Kinder Spray is committed to practicing and learning ways to support the well being of people, animals and the planet. By choosing Kinder Spray you are also choosing to support the following environmentally friendly businesses.

Kinder-Spray-provides-natural-pest-management-servicesWe use Organic ingredients for our sprays.


Kinder-Spray-provides-natural-pest-management-servicesOur offices are powered by the sun.


 Kinder-Spray-provides-natural-pest-management-servicesWe use 100% recycled paper and soy based inks. GreenerPrinter.com


Kinder-Spray-provides-natural-pest-management-servicesOur work attire clothes are made of hemp and recycled cotton grown in the USA


To offer kinder solutions back to the world, we are pledging a practice of generosity by making a commitment to donate copies of the educational DVD, Vanishing of the Bees, to several local Massachusetts schools each year. Vanishing of the Bees is a very kind organization that is dedicated to saving our bees and supporting natural pest control.

“Spraying our lawns and gardens with toxic chemicals is simply not necessary.  On top of fundamental gardening practices that reduce pests, there are natural repellants that keep unwanted insects and critters out of the home and garden. And beneficial insects like ladybugs can also help a garden flourish. These holistic methods often work better than conventional pesticides and are almost always less expensive.  Working to preserve the health of the bees is also bettering the health of our home and community.” – VansishingBees

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