Get rid of ticks and mosquitoes

Kinder Spray offers solutions for how to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks. These packages provide our all-natural spray for residential, commercial, and municipal properties to help get rid of mosquitoes and ticks. Services include routine sprays that will maximize the effects and create a lasting residual barrier against mosquitoes, ticks and other problem insects.

Kinder Spray’s Initial Clean-up Package

Kinder’s Initial Clean-up Package is strongly recommended for anyone wanting to increase the effectiveness of any of Kinder’s Spraying Packages. The Initial Clean-up Package is an important step in getting rid of ticks, mosquitoes, and other problem insects.



kinderspray-how-to-get-rid-of-mosquitoes-and-ticksClearing brush, removing tall weeds, leaf litter and organizing wood piles helps to decrease the risk of contracting Lyme Disease by decreasing the tick populations that vector the disease. Female ticks lay thousands of eggs close to the ground in moss, grass, wood piles, rotted tree debris, leaves and brushy wooded areas. Once we remove their favorite habitats and the cedar oil spay is applied, the ticks’ exoskeleton will dehydrate and be killed.


kinderspray-how-to-get-rid-of-mosquitoes-and-ticksDebris-filled rain gutters and obstructed downspouts are the most overlooked breeding sites for mosquitoes around homes. An adult female will lay 1,000-3,000 eggs in stagnant or slow moving water over her lifetime. That is why it is so important to identify and remove any standing water that may be pooling in gutters, downspouts, on flat roofs or around structures.


Kinder’s Spray’s Three Season Spray Package

If you are from New England you know warm weather is anything above 50 degrees, and when it comes we just want to enjoy being outside. After all its been a long winter. . . Beginning this program as soon as the weather is warm will ensure strong protection for yourself, and will prevent ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas from getting in the way of your enjoyment outdoors. For even greater effectiveness, consider combining it with our Initial Clean-up Package.



kinderspray-how-to-get-rid-of-mosquitoes-and-ticksWe will set up a free consultation, at your convenience, to survey your property and help determine the best approach to take care of your mosquito, tick, and insect problems.


kinderspray_leafWe will survey your property to determine the favorite hot spots of mosquito, tick and nuisance insect breeding grounds. Also, all natural Bti briquettes will be placed in static or slow moving water, such as small ponds, vernal pools, streams, unused swimming pools, rain barrels, and water troughs, which will greatly reduce mosquitoes from your property.


kinderspray_leafWe will routinely treat your property every 3 weeks, up to 12 treatments, throughout the spring, summer and fall for complete “warm” weather protection. We recommend this plan to anyone wanting strong protection for themselves, their children or their pets from the diseases that these insects carry.

Kinder’s Summer Spray Package

Protect yourself all summer long so you can enjoy being comfortable outside playing with your children and pets, and having fun with friends. Consider combining Summer Spray Package with our Initial Clean-up Package for even greater coverage and protection.

kinderspray_leafWe will set up a free consultation to survey your yard and determine the best approach to help you take care of your property this summer.

kinderspray_leafWe will determine hot spots and place Bti briquettes where mosquitoes, ticks and nuisance insects like to breed and feed: gardens, rain barrels, bird baths, depressions in the lawn, holes in trees and other static water sources.

kinderspray_leafWe will re-treat your property every 3 weeks, up to 5 treatments, spanning the summer months, June through August. This summer protection is wonderful to preserve and enjoy the fleeting beauty of summer time, and to make it more pleasant to be outdoors while you can.

Kinder Spray’s Special Event Spraying

Your special event will be treated with Kinder Spray’s special care and attention, whether it be a beautiful backyard wedding, a child’s birthday celebration, your annual corporate gathering, or an informal outdoor BBQ.

kinderspray_leafSet up a free consultation with Kinder Spray to determine your property and event’s special circumstances.



kinderspray_leafFor events planned in advance, two or more sprays are recommended to maintain a strong barrier for mosquitos and ticks, and to eliminate other problem insect breeding grounds.


kinderspray_leafPlease also consider Kinder Sprays’s Initial Clean-up Package to eliminate insect breeding grounds to stop the problem where it starts. For events with less than 48 hour notice, a one-time spray will kill adult mosquitoes, smother larvae and help eliminate ticks.

Kinder Spray’s Home Indoor Insect Package

Protect your home from insects, and from the harmful pesticides that are commonly used to treat them. Rosemary Oil, Geraniol, and Peppermint Oil create a powerful deterrent when sprayed in active areas, such as your kitchen, bathroom and on the home’s foundation. Quarterly applications will prevent and eliminate any unwanted flying and crawling insects from entering your home.

kinderspray_leafA free consultation to survey your property to determine the source of the infestations such as such as eves, windows, doorways, porches, porch lights, & around utility boxes.

kinderspray_leafEssentria, IC3 ingredients include rosemary oil, geraniol, and peppermint oil, oil of wintergreen, white mineral oil, vanillin, and polyglyceryl oleate (a natural emulsifier).