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As we transition to fall, the warm layers start coming out of the closet. If you will be spending time outdoors enjoying the colorful leaves, be prepared for more than just cool breezes. Ticks are still a danger in the fall. In fact, ticks live and breed in leaf litter, which means they have more places to hide and proliferate. A natural tick spray service like ours can protect your property from ticks. At Kinder Spray, we take pride in bringing the best natural pest control to our neighbors in Bristol, Middlesex, and Norfolk Counties. Our eco-friendly methods destroy existing ticks, eggs and larvae, and form a barrier that repels new ticks from entering. If you want to eliminate ticks from your property, find out about how we can do it for you — naturally!

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We use a cedar oil based spray because it is the most effective natural pest control method we have found. This natural tick spray kills ticks within minutes to hours of contact, as well as destroying their eggs and larvae. While harmless to pets, children, and the environment, all-natural cedar oil is uniquely lethal to arthropods like ticks. It has a combination of effects on ticks, including dissolving their exoskeletons, disrupting the pheromones they require to function, and dehydrating them.

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First, we will perform a free initial consultation. (Click here to request a consult!) We will examine your property, discuss your pest problem, and determine the best course of action specific to your property for eliminating ticks, mosquitoes, or other problem pests. We offer a variety of services including Yard Cleanups, Spray Packages, Foundation Treatments, Indoor Pest Control, and Natural Lawn Care. We will find the combination of services to best address your needs.

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Why Worry About Ticks?

A bug bite may seem innocuous, but there are hundreds of thousands of tiny ticks that carry Lyme and other illnesses, with tens of thousands of people bitten in Massachusetts alone. Symptoms of Lyme disease can be especially difficult to detect and treat. If not identified early, Lyme can lead to years and even decades of uncomfortable symptoms.

Lyme disease can be spread to humans by the black-legged tick, also known as the deer tick. Initial symptoms of Lyme can vary. Possible symptoms include headache, fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, pain, vision changes, or rash. You may have heard of the “bull’s eye” rash that indicates Lyme. You may not know, however, that rashes accompanying Lyme only make a bull’s eye shape in 20 to 30% of cases! And in many cases, a rash does not appear at all. Because Lyme is commonly mistaken for other health problems, even by doctors, people with Lyme may experience prolonged discomfort and worsening of symptoms until the disease is diagnosed and treated.

Play it safe this fall: choose natural tick spray from Kinder Spray to protect your property from the dangers of ticks!

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