Don’t gamble with your health. Use organic pest control to get rid of unwanted bugs and enjoy your yard.

The EPA says it clearly: “pesticides are inherently toxic.” No one wants insects to make themselves at home in our yards or houses, but getting rid of pests does not mean you have to risk your health or harm the environment. Instead, opt for a reliable and effective organic pest control company that can rid your home of insect invaders while doing the least harm. 

Read on to learn how chemical pest control can harm you and why organic pest control really is a better choice.

Kinder Spray offers the best in natural pest control for your home and property. Our Organic Pest Control is made from all-natural cedar oil. It is natural, non-toxic insect control that won’t harm you, your loved ones, your pets, or the planet.

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The “-cide” in pesticide means “to kill”

We use chemical pest control to rid our homes of dangerous and unwanted bugs, but at what cost? 

It’s not just your enjoyment of your yard and outdoor spaces that can be compromised by using chemical pest control. The EPA offers some harrowing facts about the levels of pesticides found inside our homes.

For example,  according to a recent study, high levels of pesticides were found inside homes. The levels suggested that pesticides are being tracked into our homes from outdoors, or collecting on household surfaces only to be released into the air later. 

So even if you don’t use chemical pest control within your home (though many people do), you could be bringing it in from outdoors. Even the inactive ingredients used to carry the active agent in pesticides can cause health effects.

Chemical pest control can hurt your health

Exposure to chemical pesticides can lead to health issues like:

  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • Damage to the central nervous system and kidneys
  • Increased risk of cancers

Chronic exposure to some pesticides can damage the:

  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Endocrine and nervous systems

Clearly, using chemical pesticides is taking a gamble on your health, especially if you are doing it yourself and storing them around your home. 

And they can wreak havoc on the environment, including killing populations of pollinators that crucially need our protection.

Organic pest control removes the risks

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other unwanted insects from your property, but still feel confident that you aren’t putting loved ones or the environment at risk, organic pest control is the way to go. 

At Kinder Spray, we are committed to the health and safety of people and the planet. That’s why we use all-natural organic pest control materials and an integrated approach to pest management. Unlike harmful synthetic chemicals used by other pest control services, Kinder Spray is non-toxic and has no adverse effect on butterflies, honeybees, ladybugs, aquatic life, or the creatures closest to your heart – your family and pets. It’s even effective when it rains, because of the natural soap ingredient.

Happily providing natural mosquito, tick, & insect control services to Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex counties in MA, Kinder Spray is the answer for organic pest control you can rely on. 

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