KINDER SPRAY WINTER SERVICES – For All of Your Snow Removal Needs

Now offering Residential Plowing, Shoveling Services, Ice Melting Services, and Snow/Dam Removal


Use Kinder Spray for all of your winter needs! We only plow when we’re needed and don’t over stay our welcome, allowing our customers to get where they need to go without being over-charged. Let us take care of your residential or commercial property with an eco-friendly ice melt that prevents toxins from contaminating the ground water, drainage systems or your pets paws. We’ll make sure you have a clean and safe driveway every time.


kinderspray_winterOur trucks and plows are in great condition, ensuring reliability when you need it most.


   We use only pet friendly ice melt for your  kinderspray_winterwalkways and driveways. Keep your pet’s paws free of toxic chemicals!



kinderspray_winterWe’re fully insured for winter services.



• Shoveling walkways or around vehicles
• Ice melting application for driveways and walkways
• Snow removal from roof lines to prevent ice dams