Kinder Spray provides the services of an organic exterminator to rid your home of unwanted pests

An exterminator plays a vital role in safe, comfortable living. Kinder Spray is considered to be an organic exterminator because we provide organic services for addressing pest problems both outside, and indoors.

We believe the organic component of our work drastically sets us apart from other exterminators who may bring harmful chemicals into the homes of their clients. Organic pest control is becoming more mainstream, as more people are recognizing the hazards of chemical pesticides and insecticides. Research studies are presenting more data on the subject, and major news outlets are sharing such findings.

For instance, the need for organic exterminator services to be accessible and utilized by more people was addressed in an article by the Huffing Post:

“…If you can’t seem to conquer a severe infestation on your own, indoors or outside, it’s time to consider hiring a professional pest control company. If so, you’ll want to hire a company that chooses to use less-toxic chemicals. According to the EPA, an estimated 45-million pounds of pesticides are used annually in homes and gardens in the United States, with sales totaling more than $2 billion annually. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) reports that 90 percent of us here in the US have a mixture of up to 43 pesticides in our bodies. Many of these chemicals have been linked to health problems such as cancer, birth defects, reproductive health problems and neurological problems.”

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The organic exterminator services we offer clients

At Kinder Spray we offer a Home Indoor Insect Package. If you need to protect your home from pests, and you want to avoid harmful pesticides, this is the best option for you.

Our indoor spray is known as IC3, and it is comprised of rosemary oil, peppermint oil, oil of wintergreen, white mineral oil, vanillin, geraniol, and polyglyceryl oleate (a natural emulsifier). This spray is a powerful hindrance and obstacle for pests to overcome. We apply this spray in problematic areas, which often include the home’s foundation, kitchen, bathroom, attic or basement. There are additional areas of infestation activity that we will survey during a free consultation, which include doorways, eves, porches and porch lights, windows, and the area around utility boxes.

Quarterly applications work best for preventing unwanted flying and crawling insects from getting into your home. These applications eliminate the pests before they can become a greater nuisance indoors.

If you have a pest problem inside, then it must be addressed as soon as possible, or the infestation will grow. If you want an organic exterminator that will provide the highest-quality all-natural products to eliminate the problematic insects, contact us at Kinder Spray today, so we can provide you with more information and a free consultation.

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