All about cedar oil: the ultimate essential oil pest control

Essential oils can feel like the latest health craze, but if you’ve ever let your stress unravel in a lavender bath you know they can be effective. But what about essential oil pest control? 

Here, we look at the proven benefits of essential oils for pest control. 

Kinder Spray’s Organic Pest Control is made from all-natural cedar oil.  Cedar oil acts as a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the mental capacity of ticks, and also causes the exoskeletons of insects to dehydrate. Once the tick or mosquito comes into contact with the active ingredient, the process can take minutes to a few hours, resulting in a tick and mosquito-free property! Using an all-natural alternative to keep your yard free of pests is safer for your family, pets and the environment.

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Cedar oil is traditional 

Many people have a memory of old quilts or garments stored in a cedar chest. You might even keep your clothing on cedar or juniper wooden hangers in your closet. That’s because the insect repellant properties of these Juniper family woods are well-known and have been relied upon for centuries. 

According to the EPA, Cedarwood oil was initially registered as a pesticide in the United

States in 1960, to repel moths from clothing. Cedarwood oil can be found in many products, from perfumes to soaps and deodorants. Why is cedarwood so broadly used? One reason is simply that people find the scent attractive. Plus cedarwood oil is widely used for its insect-repelling and anti-fungal properties.

Cedar essential oil pest control

A recent article published by the USDA looks at laboratory studies where nymphs of five tick species were exposed to various doses of cedarwood oil. The results were compared to DEET, a commonly used synthetic insecticide that is known to be extremely toxic to humans, animals, and the environment.

And the results? The black-legged tick was the most susceptible to cedarwood oil. And it’s the black-legged tick considered to be the most dangerous by many homeowners because it is most likely to carry and infect hosts with Lyme disease. Disturbingly most cases of Lyme are contracted right in our backyards. 

What good news to see that a natural essential oil pest control like cedarwood can make a difference without putting our families at risk of exposure to synthetic pesticides. 

Other essential oil pest control favorites

Using essential oils for pest control may be a more familiar idea than you realize. 

You have probably lit a citronella candle to keep mosquitoes at bay. That’s because it’s one of the most widely accepted and common essential oils for pest control. The lemony scent of citronella is familiar and many people find it appealing. Plus it’s a well-known repellent for mosquitoes. If you don’t like citronella, its fellow lemony-scented repellant is lemon eucalyptus. 

There is a wide variety of essential oil pest control, just like there are a wide variety of pests. This article from Angi offers an overview of some common oils and how to easily use them around your home. 

Kinder Spray for comprehensive natural pest control

At Kinder Spray, cedar oil and other essential oil pest control is part of the big picture of all-natural pest control.

Kinder Spray’s signature combination of all-natural, eco-friendly Cedar Oil and IC-3 (Essential Oil) Sprays, plus natural treatments for standing water, work to kill existing ticks and mosquitoes, destroy their eggs and larvae, and prevent new ticks and mosquitoes from entering your property. And these products are safe for people, pets, and the environment. 

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