Do pests eat your homegrown, community-grown, or farm-grown food? Are you looking for solutions in organic insect control for vegetable gardens? Kinder Spray provides an organic way

The growing season is an important time for farmers and gardeners, both professionals and hobbyists alike. If you’re engaged in this work, you know how rewarding it feels to put your hands in the dirt and come out with nutritious food or medicinal herbs. However, you probably also know how pests can be a major inconvenience and a potential ruiner of your hard work.

Kinder Spray offers organic insect control for vegetable gardens to farmers and gardens on both commercial and residential sizes. We do this to ensure the food growers in central Massachusetts, northern Rhode Island and Connecticut can continue with their work in providing fresh, local produce with less hassle.

Insects can significantly impact the growing cycle for farmers and gardeners, which leads to less yield, and ultimately less income generation and less food for the community. The best way to safeguard your commercial or residential garden is to utilize our organic pest management offerings.

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Using our three season spray to protect your garden anytime during the growing season

In New England, gardeners and farmers start thinking about their growing process once March rolls around.  Some even begin starts indoors or in green houses, if possible. It is time to prepare as soon as the weather gets warm enough, and that’s when we start our process, too.

We start our three season spray program when temperatures reach 50 degrees. First, we set up a free consultation at the property to decide on the best way to treat the land to protect against mosquitos, ticks, and other problematic pests.

During our free consultation we specifically seek out the areas of your property where insects like to live and breed, including static or slow-moving water or dense forest areas. These are the first places we treat to eliminate insect populations quickly.

We tackle these areas of static or still water with natural Bti briquettes that release bacteria overtime. The briquette begins on the water’s surface and slowly breaks down, eventually reaching the bottom of the water. This bacteria wreaks havoc on the larvae of unborn insects, killing them before they can mature and become a nuisance to you and your crops.

Our three season spray package covers the spring, summer, and fall with a total of 12 treatments, with each treatment spaced three weeks apart. This is a strong option for gardeners and farmers who want to protect their produce, their community, and their family from pests and the diseases they can transmit.

Please note: It is great to combine our three season spray package with our Initial Clean-up Package for added protection.

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It is never too late to start protecting your property with Kinder Spray

We can help safeguard your property, including your gardens, even if it is past spring. Insects don’t rest much in the warm New England weather and they will remain active until the cold of winter creeps around again.

If you do not want to deal with the hassle of insects intruding on your crops anymore, or you simply want to protect yourself and your loved ones from pests, then reach out to us today for a free consultation.

Our organic pest prevention is unmatched by competitors because we use high-level ingredients that will not harm humans, pets, or helpful pollinators like bees and butterflies.

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