Our Summer Pest Control Tips Will Help You Enjoy the Outdoors

Summer is coming — are you prepared? You may have already found ticks crawling on yourself, a loved one, or a pet this spring. Maybe you have had the unpleasant task of removing a tick that’s already sunk its head in. And before long, mosquitoes will be pestering you while you try to enjoy a meal al fresco. Luckily, it’s not difficult to protect yourself from these bothersome and potentially dangerous pests with our summer pest control tips!

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Summer Pest Control Tips: Clean Up Your Yard

First things first: after a long winter, it’s wise to spend time in the spring cleaning up your yard. This is the first of our summer pest control tips because pests, like ticks and mosquitoes, take advantage of an unkempt yard to live, breed and proliferate. Ticks have an affinity for disorganized wood piles and compost areas, leaf litter and brush. Meanwhile, mosquitoes will find standing water that might not be obvious to an untrained eye. They will hide and breed in areas of standing fresh water, large and small — from neglected swimming pools to small holes in trees. Buckets and cans, discarded tires, gutters, wheelbarrows, and other common household items can quickly become mosquito breeding grounds, leading to a persistent problem.

Don’t have the time, energy or expertise to thoroughly clean and organize your yard so as to target pest habitats? Let us do it for you. When you choose an Initial Cleanup Package from Kinder Spray, you will get a clean slate for implementing our remaining summer pest control tips. During a free initial consultation, we can quickly survey your property to come up with a targeted plan for pest reduction and elimination. Contact us today!

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Summer Pest Control Tips: Apply Natural Pest Repellents to Your Property

We have found that the most effective natural pest control for mosquitoes and ticks involves a combination of methods. First, we recommend starting with an Initial Cleanup to destroy existing pests, eggs and larvae, and deter others from breeding. Then, we recommend applying a combination of cedar oil spray, IC-3, and BTI briquets to your property. Cedar oil spray destroys ticks, eggs and larvae within minutes to hours of contact. The same is true for mosquitoes when they come in contact with IC-3. BTI briquets placed in standing water will kill mosquito larvae that feed on this naturally-occurring bacteria, which is safe for other aquatic life.

You could seek out these materials and apply them yourself — or, you can let the experts at Kinder Spray implement our tried and tested approach to natural pest control.

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